The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH): Practice of Dr. Omar Minwalla offers highly focused educational and psychological services related to assessment, evaluation and treatment of sexual acting out problems, integrity and conduct disorders, intimate partner abuse and the resulting traumatic impact and symptoms on others.

Treatment Intensive for Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Disorders (CASRD)

Led by Dr. Omar Minwalla, this is a highly focused, 8-day foundational treatment curriculum for men that includes assessment and initial treatment stabilization for sexual acting out (sex addiction) problems, patterns of infidelity and intimate partner abuse. Intensive includes psychological and personality testing, tools to contain problematic behaviors, and fundamental education on sexual acting out problems, abuse and integrity disorders, and the resulting traumatic impact on others. Aftercare plan and report for continued local treatment is included, as is partner/spouse consultation both before and after the intensive program. This treatment program may serve as an alternative to inpatient programming

SAI Trauma Model Workshop: Education on Intimate Partner Abuse and Resulting Trauma

The goal of this workshop is to provide basic education on the traumatic impact sexual acting out, patterns of infidelity or cheating, often has on the intimate partner or spouse, the relationship, children and family system. This is not treatment, but a foundational weekend educational format to provide on overview of the compulsive-abusive model (versus sex addiction model) and a dedicated focus on understanding the injuries and harm experienced by others, particularly a spouse or intimate partner.