Services Agreement

Current Practice Changes Due to COVID-19, as of July 2020:

Due to COVID-19, Dr. Minwalla is offering time-limited educational courses that pertain to the CASRD clinical model and will offer the foundational information and learning concepts that are relevant to understanding compulsive-abusive sexual relational disorders and the trauma model, including education on integrity-abuse disorders and intimate partner abuse. 

It is important to note that this is not a form of clinical treatment. Participating in an educational course does not establish a therapist-patient relationship with Dr. Minwalla or ISH.

The purpose of the course will be to offer participants foundational education as a supplement or adjunct to separate ongoing therapy or treatment with a local or external licensed mental health provider. 



Dr. Minwalla is a licensed psychologist in the State of California. Dr. Minwalla was trained at the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Program in Human Sexuality as a clinical sexologist.  ISH and Dr. Minwalla specializes in the evaluation and treatment of disorders and concerns related to human sexuality and gender and sexual health, gender health, relationships and intimacy, and sexual and relational pathology. 

ISH and Dr. Minwalla’s practice also specializes in the evaluation and clinical treatment of compulsive sexual behavior, sex addiction-related concerns, professional sexual misconduct, and sexual offending behaviors, as well as the evaluation and clinical treatment of deceptive sexuality, intimate partner abuse and the resulting traumatic symptoms among victims. 

ISH and Dr. Minwalla founded and developed the concepts and the clinical model referred to as compulsive-abusive sexual relational disorders (CASRD) and trauma model.  This model articulates and treats compulsive-entitled sexuality (CES), integrity-abuse disorders (IAD) and the resulting other-specified trauma referred to as CARSD-Induced trauma, or CAIT.  ISH and Dr. Minwalla provides assessment and treatment services for these clinical concerns and presenting problems as well as education, trainings, workshops, and professional presentation of his model.



ISH pledges to maintain and protect your confidentiality. ISH will not release any information about you to any party without a Release of Information Form signed by you, specifying the duration and purpose of the release and any limitations. Legal exceptions to this policy, as explained below, will apply.

This office routinely engages in professional consultation with Ellen G. Stein, Ph.D. Dr. Stein is a forensic and clinical psychologist, and serves as a business associate to ISH. Confidentiality extends to all business associates of ISH, only to perform business and administrative functions, including Dr. Minwalla’s business associate or administration.

All patients, clients, students and educational participants shall maintain the confidentiality of other participants and are not permitted to disclose any personal and/or identifying information about any other client participating in any service or program offered by Dr. Minwalla or ISH. This expectation is non-negotiable and violations may result in removal from a program.

Limitations to Confidentiality

You understand that all services provided by Dr. Minwalla and ISH are held in complete confidence unless you sign a written release to provide information held by ISH, to a third party; this policy is in effect with the following exceptions:

  1. As required by California law: Please be aware that ISH is a mandated reporter of child, elder and dependent adult abuse. The Institute is also required to take action to protect any threatened third party; action may include notifying the police and warning the third party directly. Finally, if Dr. Minwalla or any staff member believes you to be acutely suicidal, ISH may act to institute voluntary and/or involuntary hospitalization.


  1. ISH and Dr. Minwalla shall break confidentiality should you reveal a clear intent and means to cause physical harm to myself or anyone else, in order to protect me or that other person(s).


  1. In case of emergency, ISH may need to disclose PHI to another health practitioner to facilitate acute treatment.


Complaints: If you believe your privacy rights have been violated you may file a complaint with the federal government. Contact:

Office of Civil Rights
US Department of Health & Human Services
Room 509F HHH Bldg.
200 Independence Ave, SW
Washington, D.C. 20201
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-368-1019

Should you have any other complaints about the services you receive with The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH), contact:

California Board of Psychology
1422 Howe Ave, Suite 22,
Sacramento, CA 95835
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-503-3221

Reporting Laws Still Apply to Educational Courses

Dr. Minwalla is a licensed psychologist in the state of California and hence all services provided are subject to reporting laws.  This is the case whether Dr. Minwalla is conducting education, consultation or direct clinical or treatment services, such as individual or group psychotherapy, assessment, psychological testing, or other services within his professional capacity. All educational courses assume the same confidentiality practices and procedures with the same limits and exceptions to confidentiality. 



Voluntary Participation

These particular courses are for men who are experiencing these concerns. These educational courses are not open to professionals or otherwise interested parties or identified intimate partner or spouse who has experienced being a victim of this type of abuse. An online application, a potential interview, and then final selection or other determination by Dr. Minwalla will be required of all participants. Participation in these particular educational courses with Dr. Minwalla is not guaranteed. In order to prepare for the program, all registration paperwork must be completed by two (2) days prior to program commencement. If we do not have completed registration paperwork by the established deadline, you will not be able to participate in the program.

Dr. Minwalla works with people who voluntarily (unless court-ordered) seek his services, are not being pressured or coerced, and who value the services being offered because they are already becoming informed about his practice and the potential or realized benefit to the person(s) seeking services. The purpose of service is to adequately address the specified reasons for seeking services.

At any time, for any reason whatsoever, if a participant no longer wants to engage or proceed with any type of service being provided by Dr. Minwalla such as the educational course, the participant has the right to withdraw, and may terminate participation. Further, in such a case, ISH and Dr. Minwalla will provide that participant with a refund for any future or scheduled services that they did not attend or complete. 

ISH and Dr. Minwalla may determine the appropriateness and fitness, of any participant; that participant may be terminated, if Dr. Minwalla deems that this is necessary and participation is not feasible. Dr. Minwalla reserves the right to terminate a participant’s participation at any time, Dr. Minwalla may determine all client/patient eligibility, and Dr. Minwalla is the sole arbiter of this decision.  Please do not assume admission is a guarantee of continued work with Dr. Minwalla.

Educational Courses and Not Treatment

It is important to note that Educational Courses do not constitute clinical treatment. Participating in an Educational Course does not establish a therapist-patient relationship with Dr. Minwalla or ISH.

The purpose of the course will be to offer participants foundational education as a supplement or adjunct to separate ongoing therapy or treatment with a local or external mental health treatment provider. 

Registration and participation in any of the Educational Courses offered online will not establish a therapist-patient relationship. You will not become a patient of ISH or Dr. Minwalla soley due to your participation. Instead you will and are solely and only an Educational Course participant for the duration of the educational service provided.

This agreement acknowledges the distinction and limitations of an online or virtual Educational Course versus psychotherapy or psychological treatment, including that Dr. Minwalla may be working/teaching in the State of California while participants are engaging, from a different state. As Dr. Minwalla is not providing clinical or treatment work, and Dr. Minwalla is and will be accessible only via tele-program (unless emergency), Dr. Minwalla may not be permitted to conduct treatment or psychotherapy with a person in a different state.

A Therapist is Required to Participate in Educational Courses

All Educational Course participants are required to have an established and designated therapist-patient relationship with a treatment provider, not Dr. Minwalla, for the entire duration of the course.

It is each participant’s responsibility to secure and maintain access to a specific licensed mental health professional for the duration of the course. Participants agree that, should clinical symptoms arise, which would require or be benefitted  by clinical attention, support or treatment, they shall rely upon their designated provider for all relevant services. 

Each participant is required to submit a signed waiver by that designated professional, which confirms an existing clinical relationship with the participant does exist, and states that professional’s clinical support of and agreement to the participant enrolling in the educational course(s).  

ISH and Dr. Minwalla will not contact the participant’s therapist unless there is an emergency, or if an important concern presents itself during the course for any reason.  The participant will be informed if this contact is anticipated, or shall be required, by Dr. Minwalla, in advance. Otherwise, you may not expect Dr. Minwalla to contact your therapist.

Further, each participant’s signed release of information form authorizes Dr. Minwalla to contact the designated professional, in the case of a clinical emergency, or if an important concern presents itself during the educational course for any reason, which shall be dated to expire a week after the course ends.


Establishing an Environment with Conditions of Active and Focused Learning:

Please do not attempt to email, text, call on phone, or otherwise communicate or contact other participants during the Course duration.

While in the session, there will be dedicated breaks. You understand that you are not to contact anyone outside of the program, including your intimate partner, spouse, children, family members, friends, work colleagues or others, including on breaks. You are asked to be present, attend to the process, and to avoid and minimize the use of others for external soothing or emotional regulation, and to further avoid any casual reporting of program content, etc.

It is recommended that each participant spend 30 minutes prior to each session and 30-90 minutes after each session alone, reflecting on the material, reviewing the homework, if assigned, taking any notes upon reflection, writing down any questions related to the session or material presented for next session, etc.  This time should also include techniques to facilitate anxiety-reduction and reduce stress or emotional overwhelm.  This may include breath work and breathing techniques, mindfulness techniques, meditation, various forms and techniques of yoga, stretching, prayer, silence, etc.

It is not recommended that you immediately resume normal activity immediately after the course session ends.  A short break and then at least 30 minutes after each session in silent and personal reflection of the material and note taking related to the material is recommended.     

Scheduling a session with your designated therapist, a support person, a recovery member or any other type of personal support is recommended after each session, or in some cases, before or after the course. 

It is important that you are free from distraction, as much as possible, to get the most from the course material and the process that Dr. Minwalla will be attempting to create for your educational benefit. 

Please place your phone and all personal devices in a different room, or in a place out of sight for the entirety of the program. Please do not touch your phone or any other technological device during the course, except that which is required to engage the Course.  Engaging your phone may be understood as an attempt to record.  

Please note that only you can be responsible for ensuring you are not distracted during the Educational Course. Securing adequate, sufficient and required conditions and conduct in your personal environment is each participant’s responsibility. If Dr. Minwalla determines that your participation is distracting or disruptive in any manner, including technical disruptions, he may terminate your participation, including during the course. As an example, a minor interrupting the program because they ran into the room, may be grounds for termination. 

You agree to not consume alcohol or use any drugs within 24 hours before, during, or immediately after the sessions.  (It is recommended that each participant avoid the use of substances at least 24 hours before and 72 hours after each session at a minimum, including alcohol).

These Educational Courses May be an Emotional Process:

The topics covered and the content of the Educational Course may evoke feelings and emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, frustration, sadness, grief, despair, hope, resentment, anxiety, fear and many other emotions that are commonly uncomfortable for many people. Along with such emotions, humans may defend against experiencing emotions by employing various defenses, such as checking-out, falling asleep, arguing, intellectualizing, wanting to flee or withdraw, etc.  These are normal human reactions and may be expected.  

It is important that you share and discuss any such reactions with Dr. Minwalla during the course and Dr. Minwalla will sometimes ask each participant for such reactions so that he can help you with the educational content and facilitate the learning process. This is not a strictly intellectual process because the topic of how one has hurt someone else, for example, is emotional for most human beings. 

This is one reason why each participant should have their own private therapeutic support during the educational process, in the event that additional support is either preferred or required.  Each participant will have professional support and care to continue to process any such feelings or reactions to the Course.  Beyond addressing any clinical emergencies, some degree of emotional or psychological reaction and potential overwhelm or distress is to be expected when learning about topics that are personally relevant and painful to confront.

These Courses are a Collaborative Learning Process:

This educational course and process is a cooperative endeavor, requiring knowledge and skills on the part of Dr. Minwalla and each participant’s commitment and investment in the learning process, as well as each participant’s effort and ability to tolerate challenging emotional experiences with other people. For these reasons, it is not possible to predict the ways in which you may or may not benefit.

Please consider that the educational courses offered by ISH and Dr. Minwalla are interactive; Dr. Minwalla  will not be imparting academic information, while participants simply view the screen and listen while having no other collaborative role or responsibilities to other participants or the learning process.  Plan to engage.

Participants should expect that the learning process will include times designated for group discussion, asking each participant to share reactions to the content, all of which requires some degree of emotional and relational vulnerability. 

Dr. Minwalla will ask participants to share personally relevant experiences that relate to the topic and content that is being presented and is congruent with the learning objectives of the course.  This is part of the educational course and style of teaching that Dr. Minwalla will offer in these specific courses.

Each educational segment or session will offer dedicated time and opportunity for questions and answers.

Participants should expect brief assignments during the Course and also homework assignments in between sessions in order to facilitate the absorption, acquisition, metabolization and synthesis of the educational process.

Your Intimate or Spouse and Relationship

Participating in any of the Educational Courses should always be shared openly and honestly with your spouse or intimate partner, if possible.

Dr. Minwalla will not be contacting anyone other than each participant. 

Dr. Minwalla will not be contacting your intimate partner or spouse. 

Each participant must to evaluate and determine the consequences of participation on the participant and the relationship, and on any intimate partner, etc.

Dr. Minwalla expects that if you are in a relationship, then you would discuss honestly your potential participation and proceed after gaining support and agreement to participate for your intimate partner(s).

Participation in the Educational Course does not establish a clinical relationship with Dr. Minwalla, including any intimate partner or spouse of the participant.  

It is understood that should any clinical needs or issues result during or after participation in the program, that the parties should direct any clinical concerns to their appropriate designated treatment provider. 

You confirm that your intimate partner has an established therapist.

You confirm that if a relationship issue arises that may require clinical attention, that you have a relationship or couples’ counselor or licensed mental health provider.

It is recommended that each participant establish the best method and process of sharing any information from the Educational Course with their intimate partner or spouse.  One options that is recommended is processing these issues in the context of couples’ therapy or counseling with a licensed mental health treatment professional.  An established relational plan is required and will need to be prepared for the interview with Dr. Minwalla. Please be prepared to discuss your relational plan with Dr. Minwalla.

Your signature on this contract indicates that you understand and accept the above stated conditions relating to the educational courses being offered by ISH and Dr. Minwalla, and consent to receiving communications from ISH and Dr. Omar Minwalla at the phone number you provide below.


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