ISH Education

The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH) aims to provide critical information and education related to the assessment, evaluation and treatment of sexual acting out problems (sex addiction/compulsive sexual behavior/patterns of infidelity), integrity and conduct disorders, intimate partner abuse, and the resulting traumatic impact and symptoms on others.

ISH education aims to reconcile the current “debates” about sex addiction by advancing education and a clinical treatment model that recognizes the mistakes and limitations of traditional treatment models for sex addiction, while also recognizing a serious and legitimate clinical disorder that requires clinical diagnosis and treatment, rather than simply an uniformed “denial of sex addiction”.

Specific ISH Educational Objectives:

  • ISH aims to promote education related to theory and clinical treatment of Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Disorders (CASRD) and Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma (SAIT).
  • ISH aims to educate professionals, clients and the public at large of a clinical paradigm and model that integrates and reconciles current “debates” specific to sex addiction.
  • ISH promotes education and awareness on the inaccuracies and limitations of the traditional sex addiction model and the need for diagnostic recognition and clinical treatment of the abuse, conduct disorders and integrity pathology.
  • ISH aims to educate and promote awareness of how the “co-sex addiction model” proposed by traditional sex addiction models designed to treat spouses, partners and couples, is and has been clinically inaccurate, a form of diagnostic mislabeling, and rooted in a paradigm of victim blaming and gender based bias.
  • ISH aims to educate and promote awareness of the deficits, inaccuracies and limitations of the “denial models”, which reject sex addiction as a legitimate clinical diagnosis and thereby do not recognize, diagnose or treat the abusive part of the disorder or the trauma symptoms experienced by victims.


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