Dr. Omar Minwalla, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist

Therapist for sexual health, addiction, marriage problems Los AngelesDr. Omar Minwalla is a Licensed Psychologist and Clinical Sexologist who specializes in the clinical treatment of compulsive sexual behavior disorders, sexual addiction, infidelity, integrity and conduct disorders, sexual offending, intimate partner abuse, and the resulting traumatic impacts and symptoms experienced by the partner or spouse and family systems.

He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago and completed his Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Sexology at the University of Minnesota Medical School Program in Human Sexuality. Dr. Minwalla had the unique professional experience of being trained as a clinical sexologist who also gained years of immersed training in both of the dominant treatment approaches: the compulsive sexual behavior approach (CSB) as well as the sex addiction treatment approach (SA). From the outset of his work, Dr. Minwalla has asserted that the use of co-sex addiction as the primary treatment modality for victimized, traumatized partners is based on a damaging and inaccurate assessment of the issues and often does more harm than good for patients.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional treatment models for compulsive sexual behavior and sexual addiction, in 2009, Dr. Minwalla founded The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH) – the clinic and research organization that advanced the understanding and treatment of compulsive sexual behaviors and sex addiction by focusing on the abuse and trauma associated with these problems. Through his work at ISH, Dr. Minwalla developed the Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma (DST) Model, which has led to a critical paradigm shift in the treatment of problematic sexual behaviors. 

The Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma Model advocates for professionals to recognize the importance of treating the abusive aspects of deceptive sexuality as well as the trauma experienced by intimate partners. The Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma Model has expanded treatment to consider and work with an abuse-victim-trauma consciousness and has helped many partners, couples, children, and families impacted by compartmentalized deceptive patterns of sexual-relational entitlement and sexual acting-out behaviors, otherwise known as deceptive sexuality.

Publications by Dr. Omar Minwalla

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Presentations by Dr. Omar Minwalla

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