The CASRD and Trauma Model

Dr. Omar Minwalla

Virtual Education with Dr. Minwalla:

Trauma Model Educational Course for Men:
July 16-19, 2020

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Trauma Model Educational Course for Men: Intimate Partner Abuse and the Resulting Trauma
The goal of this 16-hour course is to provide foundational education for men, specifically on the traumatic impact deceptive sexuality, patterns of infidelity or cheating, often has on the intimate partner or spouse, the relationship, children and family system. This is not treatment, but a foundational 4 session educational format to provide a dedicated focus on understanding the injuries and trauma-related clinical symptoms potentially experienced by a spouse or intimate partner who has been impacted or harmed by deceptive sexuality and compulsive-abusive sexual-relational disorders (CASRD).

Dr. Omar Minwalla, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in clinical sexology from the University of Minnesota Medical School.  Dr. Minwalla has studied and practiced in the area of deceptive sexuality for over fifteen years and developed the compulsive-abusive sexual relational disorders and trauma model, also known as the CASRD and Trauma Model.  Dr. Minwalla helped lead the psychological treatment field’s current transition away from the victim-blaming models of co-sex addiction and codependency to treat the intimate partner or spouse, towards a domestic intimate partner abuse and victim consciousness, thus ushering in the trauma model approaches that have and continue to gain increasing legitimacy today.

The CASRD and Trauma Model
Compulsive sexual behavior disorders and sex addiction-related concerns are not just problems with sexual behavior, but often also a problem of domestic and intimate partner abuse, that often results in trauma to the intimate partner and family.  Both parts of the problem need diagnosis and treatment.  The Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Disorders (CASRD) and Trauma Model does that. 

The CASRD and Trauma Model boldly confronts the traditional and current models of treatment and brings a critical set of new arguments to the ongoing debate related to sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors.  Identifying deceptive sexuality as a form of domestic abuse represents a clinical step forward in the field and a significant advancement in the treatment of sexuality problems and in our understanding of domestic and intimate partner abuse.