Deceptive Sexuality: The CASRD and Trauma Model

Dr. Omar Minwalla



Jan 28-31, 2021
Feb 11-14, 2021
Mar 4-7, 2021
Mar 25-28, 2021

The CASRD and Trauma Model
Compulsive sexual behavior disorders and sex addiction-related concerns are not just problems with sexual behavior, but often also a problem of domestic and intimate partner abuse that may result in trauma to the intimate partner and family. This clincial model diagnoses and treats both parts of the problem, the sexual part, but also the integrity-abuse part.  Further, this model includes the clinical diagnosis and treatment of symptoms experienced by victims and survivors of this type of abuse.  Identifying deceptive sexuality as a form of domestic abuse represents a significant advancement in the fields of both clinical sexology and domestic abuse.

The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH)
The Institute for Sexual Health promotes a safe, non-shaming, informed, professional and respectful space for understanding human sexuality and relationships. Founded in 2009 by licensed clinical psychologist and sexologist, Dr. Omar Minwalla, ISH has helped to lead the psychological treatment field’s transition away from victim-blaming traditional treatment models for compulsive sexual behavior and sexual addiction towards the Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Disorders (CASRD) and Trauma Model approaches emerging today.

Dr. Omar Minwalla
With more than fifteen years of clinical experience treating CASRD and developing the CASRD and Trauma Model, Dr. Omar Minwalla has become a sought-after educator on the topic. He is now providing foundational education online for men on the traumatic impact of deceptive sexuality and patterns of infidelity or cheating.

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