Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma (DST)

Dr. Omar Minwalla

Trauma Model Psychoeducational Course (TMPC) 

Dr. Minwalla is now offering the Trauma Model Psychoeducational Course (TMPC), an online psychoeducational course that shines a spotlight on the traumatic impacts that sexual acting out, patterns of infidelity, cheating and boundary violations (also known as deceptive sexuality) often have on the intimate partner or spouse and the relationship as well as (where applicable) children and the family system.  

By revealing and validating the experiences of their intimate partners, participants gain an understanding of deceptive sexuality as an abuse problem, not just a sex problem.

This psychoeducational course promotes a safe, non-shaming, informed, respectful, and confidential space for understanding contemporary human sexuality and relationships. To learn more about Dr. Minwalla’s new four session online educational course, visit the Trauma Model Psychoeducational Course (TMPC) page.

Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma (DST) Model

Deceptive sexuality is not just problems with sexual behavior, but often also a problem of domestic and intimate partner abuse that may result in trauma to the intimate partner and family. The Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma (DST) Model developed by Dr. Minwalla is a clinical model that diagnoses and treats both parts of the problem: the sexual part and also the integrity-abuse part. Further, this model includes the clinical diagnosis and treatment of symptoms experienced by victims and survivors of this type of abuse. Identifying deceptive sexuality as a form of domestic abuse represents a significant advancement in the fields of both clinical sexology and domestic abuse.

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Dr. Omar Minwalla

With more than fifteen years of clinical experience treating deceptive sexuality and developing the Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma Model, Dr. Omar Minwalla has become an authoritative voice and leading educator on the topic. Dr. Minwalla is now providing his online psychoeducational course, Trauma Model Psychoeducational Course (TMPC), which provides foundational education online for men on the traumatic impact deceptive sexuality has on the intimate partner and relationship.  

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Continuing Education in Deceptive Sexuality and Trauma

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November 11-14, 2021