Omar Minwalla, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Omar Minwalla is a Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Sexologist and Clinical Director of The Institute for Sexual Health. Dr. Minwalla earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago and completed his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Minnesota Medical School Program in Human Sexuality. Dr. Minwalla is the former Clinical Director of the Sexual Recovery Institute. His specializations include sexual compulsivity and sexual addiction, sexual offending, professional sexual misconduct (PSM), psychosexual evaluations, sexual dysfunctions, child and adolescent sexual development, sexual and gender identity, paraphilias, BDSM, and gender and erotic minorities.

Educated and experienced in both the compulsive sexual behavior model (CSB) and the sex addiction model (SA), as well as being a clinical sexologist, Dr. Minwalla has developed an innovative sexual and relationship health model of treatment, that reconciles “debates about sex addiction”, called the Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma Model (SAITM), to treat compulsive-abusive sexual-relational disorders, including the people they impact.

Since 2006, Dr. Minwalla has challenged the traditional sex addiction field and the use of the “co sex-addiction model” to clinically treat partners of sex addicts.  He advocates for professionals and clients to recognize the importance of treating sex addiction-induced trauma experienced by partners of sex addicts, and in foundational collaboration with Silvia Jason, MFT, CSAT, developed the foundation of the Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma Model.  In 2009, Dr. Minwalla founded The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH), establishing the founding clinical and academic institution of the Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma Model (SAITM), applying the model via clinical practice with academic and clinical freedom.

In 2014, Dr. Omar Minwalla founded the Modern Clinical Sexology (MCS) (Spectrum Clinical Sexology Model based in a Human Rights Contemporary Context) to initiate a force of compassionate activism in Human Sexuality, Human Genders, and how to utilize the fields of clinical psychology and clinical sexology in a cyber-contemporary context. Modern Clinical Sexology is dedicated to helping people and society move towards sexual health by advancing human rights over sexual entitlement and sexual oppression and promotes sexual health as a conscious process towards integrity, intimacy and integration, as a clinical and global paradigm.