SAI Trauma Model Seminar for MEN: Winter 2016

Weekend SAI Trauma Model Seminar for MenDec 9-11, 2016, with Dr. Omar Minwalla, Licensed Psychologist in Beverly Hills, California.   SCHEDULE:  Friday 2pm- 6pm, Saturday 8:30am – 6:00pm, Sunday 8:30am – 12:00pm.  COST:  $950 US Dollars (Sliding scale available) Phone Interview and Clinical Invitation Required before any Registration: 310-286-1300

The focus of this new SAI Trauma Model seminar for sex addicts, or men who have engaged in a sexual-relational deceptive reality, is to educate sex addicts in recovery about the sex-addiction-induced trauma model and provide important foundational education on the traumatic impact sexual acting out often has on the partner or spouse, the relationship, children and family system.  The workshop articulates how recognizing sex addiction-induced trauma significantly changes the way the addict, the partner and the couple is conceptualized and how that changes treatment and sex addiction recovery.  In fact, Dr. Omar Minwalla will educate on his new formulation of compulsive-abusive spectrum disorders and how to understand these concerns from the academic and clinical approach of Modern Clinical Sexology  (MCS).

The workshop is a weekend seminar, for any sex addict, or male in treatment for sexual acting out, seeking a new modern sexology understanding of sex addiction-compulsivity and a focus on increased understanding of his partner’s experience and the necessity of recognizing trauma as a critical aspect of sex addiction recovery for the addict, partner and relationship.

ISH aims to help sex addicts and those who have sexually-relationally acted out, understand the types of injuries and clinical symptoms that result from sex addiction-compulsivity disorders and the associated dynamics of perpetration, violation, and abuse related to these disorders.

Our model asserts that sexual sobriety is a pre-requisite to then focusing on understanding dynamics of perpetration and sex addiction-induced trauma (SAIT) and its impact on others and self.  It is a necessary process of helping the sex addict metabolize, process and reconcile internally with his perpetration and the harm he has caused others and self.  This is a healthy process of shadow integration and vital in “owning one’s shadow” related to sex addiction-compulsivity and should be part of any clinical treatment model.

The SAI Trauma Model Seminar is designed to be vital educational resources for sex addicts in recovery or clinical treatment, who may benefit by better understanding the traumatic impact that deceptive, compartmentalized sexuality and sexual-relational acting out patterns have on a partner, children, family system and on the addict himself, and thus a new emerging model in the context of Modern Clinical Sexology.

Modern Clinical Sexology (MCS), which includes the SAI Trauma Model, assumes role as the MODERN CLINICAL TREATMENT MODEL for sex addiction-compulsivity spectrum treatment, based in the reconciliation and cyber-contemporary model of clinical psychology and mental health, clinical sexology and human sexuality, and a gender-based consciousness existing in a context of advancing human rights over sexual entitlement and sexual oppression.

ISH aims to provide a conscious and professional space of academic freedom and clinical safety that is designed to facilitate sensitive learning processes.

ISH promotes a safe, informed, professional and respectful space for exploring and understanding sexual health and human sexuality.

For more information regarding the Weekend SAI Trauma Model Workshop, please contact us at 310-286-1300.