8-Day Intensive Curriculum for Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Problems among Men

New 8-Day Intensive Curriculum for Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Problems  

Upcoming 8-Day INTENSIVE with Dr. Omar Minwalla:

February 10-18, 2017,
March 31st – April 8th

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Dr. Omar Minwalla, Licensed Psychologist offering a comprehensive, highly focused, 8-day sexual compulsive-abusive treatment curriculum designed to help men become more aware and identify problematic sexual and relational patterns, provide specific tools to contain and stop harmful behaviors, and to help clients understand the underlying factors that contribute to the spectrum of sexual-compulsivity-abusive-conduct concerns.  Dr. Minwalla teaches his cutting-edge understanding of these concerns after years of synthesizing the various treatments.  His cutting-edge model and program asserts the importance of not confusing a partner’s PTSD symptoms as “co-sex addiction” and helps men gain a critical and fundamental new paradigm in sex addiction treatment perspective on partner trauma and relational healing utilizing our sex addiction-induced trauma model (SAI Trauma Model).

This 8-Day treatment program is based on the SAI Trauma Model of treatment, including our innovative diagnostic and clinical model for men dealing with these concerns.  Dr. Minwalla is currently the primary psychologist and educator for the 8-day program, investing in the program with direct and primary facilitation.

The intensive curriculum starts on a Friday afternoon for half day for psychological testing and assessment and offers an average of 8 clinical hours every day for seven days, and half a day of treatment on the last day. Participants technically start the program on the Friday afternoon/evening prior to the start of treatment, during which time, psychological testing is conducted; hence, the length of the program is 8 clinical days. The program  is designed to include four weekend days, so that the content and hours match a typical two-week program.  We help clients develop a long-term aftercare treatment plan, including options for continued programs at ISH, partner and relationship help, and also with referring to local providers to help optimize post-treatment clinical maintenance.

ISH and Dr. Minwalla utilizes a cutting-edge model that does not exist yet in traditional compulsive sexual behavior (CSB) or sex addiction (SA) treatment programs:

ISH stands alone in the sex addiction and compulsivity field.  Under the leadership of Dr. Minwalla, ISH is the first and only treatment clinic to develop and utilize a Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma Model, specializing in sex addiction-induced trauma and initiating a paradigm shift in the field that recognizes the traumatic impact of sex addiction.   ISH has developed a treatment model that helps partners, addicts and couples stabilize and begin to recover and heal from sex addiction-induced trauma.  ISH does not endorse the “co-sex addiction” paradigm to treat partners and is on the cutting-edge of expanding our knowledge of sex addiction-induced trauma and how this actually ushers in a new paradigm and new generation of sex addiction and compulsivity treatment.

ISH assists in making men feel safe, respected and honored as human beings, in order to do such sensitive and challenging clinical work.


We understand that coming to intensive treatment for sex addiction and compulsive sexual behavior is not easy. We are familiar with the reluctance, fear, shame and overwhelm involved in confronting these types of concerns. Our program provides a highly safe and professional therapeutic environment. We attempt to help clients find the internal motivation to work on these issues and to provide the tools they need to move towards health, integrity, intimacy and integration.


February 10-18, 2017
March 31st – April 8th

(first and last day are half days)

Problems We Treat

  • Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Problems among Men (beyond outdated traditional concepts of sexual addiction, etc.)
  • Compartmentalized, deceptive sexual and/or relational reality in the context of intimate dependencies and relationships
  • Internet Pornography Problems
  • Compulsive Cyber-Sexuality and Web-Cam
  • Cyber-Sociality and Ego-Regulation Problems
  • Emotional, Romantic and Sexual Infidelities
  • Compulsive masturbation and use of fantasy
  • Compulsive engagement of fetish or paraphilic sexuality
  • Compulsive use of strip clubs, massage parlors, prostitution, cyber-prostitution
  • Problematic and abusive patterns of romantic or sexual relationships
  • Sexual offending behaviors including non-consensual voyeurism and exhibitionism
  • Deceptive, sexual-relational compartmentalization and abusive covert management
  • Sex Addiction-Induced Perpetration (SAIP)
  • Gender and Masculinity Pathology

Focuses and Goals of Treatment

  • Foundational Education on Dr. Minwalla’s Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Disorders among Men
  • New academic understanding of sex addiction and compulsive sexual behavior disorders
  • Immediate help to stop problematic behaviors and patterns
  • Create a clear behavioral plan with accountability
  • Understand how stress, emotions, underlying trauma, core shame, contemporary social factors and coping patterns contribute to compulsive and harmful behaviors
  • Learn specific coping mechanisms to prevent problem behavior
  • Understand how trauma, neglect and abuse relates to sexual-relational behavior patterns
  • Education on human sexuality, sexual integration, healthy sexuality, shadow sexuality
  • Communication skills, healthy relational functioning, and relational intimacy
  • Education on key components on healing relationships such as empathy, honesty, humility and accountability
  • Education on sex addiction-induced perpetration, violation and abuse of other human beings (SAIP)
  • Education on sex addiction-induced trauma and the impact on partner, children and family system
  • Developing a cohesive long-term treatment plan for both sexual-relational behaviors and sex addiction-induced perpetration

Treatment Components

  • Psychological Testing (MMPI-III, MCMI-II, BDI, BAI) and Clinically-Integrated Feedback
  • Comprehensive Sex Addiction and Compulsivity SAITM Assessment
  • Extensive Group Psychotherapy Clinical Process
  • Psycho-Educational Lectures (Dr. Omar Minwalla primary educator)
  • Task Work and Homework Assignments
  • Education on Partner/Spouse and the SAI-Trauma Model Workshop Content
  • Expressive Therapy
  • Education on Human Sexuality, Arousal Templates, Healthy Sexuality
  • ISH Clinical Support
  • Aftercare Planning and Local Referral (Options for ongoing treatment for partner and coupleship)

What makes the ISH Intensive unique?

Intensive includes the SAI-Trauma Model Workshop content.

The intensive includes Dr. Omar Minwalla’s entirely new conceptual and clinical paradigm of Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Problems among Men, which includes his SAI-Trauma Model, a specific curriculum that educates sex addicts on how partners and spouses are traumatized by sexual acting out patterns and patterns of relational perpetration (SAIP).  

8-Day Intensive Includes Psychological Testing.

The 8-day program begins with standard psychological testing in addition to the standard comprehensive sex addiction assessment to establish a grounded understanding of personality features, interpersonal tendencies, and objective clinical diagnostic information.  We provide clients with testing feedback and integrate the results into the treatment process.  Clients and referring professionals can request a testing report.  Furthermore, Dr. Minwalla utilizes a five-tiered diagnostic and clinical formulation that includes personality, masculinity and core pathology, as part of SAITM.

Dr. Omar Miwnalla's new work informs this program for Compulsive-Abusive Sexual-Relational Problems among Men.

ISH content is based on formal education in clinical sexology and an appreciation for the complexities of contemporary human sexuality and relationships. Dr. Omar. Minwalla’s Modern Clinical Sexology Model addresses the behavioral, psychological, sexual and relational complexities of compulsive sexual behavior and abusive conduct.  The advent of the Internet and the cultural exposure to new and wide-ranging forms of sexual content, arousal, and social expression has resulted in a growing necessity for the treatment of sex addiction requiring specialization in human sexuality – not just traditional sex addiction model training or outdated staunch “sex-positive” therapy.  Dr. Minwalla utilizes a spectrum model and academic specialization in transgender dynamics, sexual identity development, arousal templates, BDSM and fetish sexuality, sexual offending dynamics, pedophilia, paraphilic sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, cyber-sexuality, and cyber-relationships.

Dr. Omar Minwalla is available for consultation or forensic consult or personalized services

Office offers personalized aftercare intensive treatment options on an individual and group basis as an option for those clients who may require or want more in-depth and focused individualized treatment after the 9-day intensive. This can include help and support for the partner or spouse and the couple.  Ongoing aftercare treatment intensive program for those participants who meet criteria and have completed the 8-day IOP.

General Information

Amount of Time Spent IN Treatment

The program offers an average of 8 clinical hours per day and is designed to include weekend days, so that the content and hours match a typical two-week program

Schedule and Attendance

You should expect to follow the schedule provided to you at the start of treatment.  Sometimes there may be some changes to the schedule, and you will be notified of these changes as the program proceeds. You are expected to be punctual and in full attendance for all program components.  If for any reason you are going to be late or absent, you should keep the treatment team informed in a timely manner.


It is imperative and critical that in order to optimize the benefit of the program, that you remain as present, aware, conscious and focused on the process as possible. Once the program begins, the whole time should be considered part of the process; it is intentional by definition and is part of our clinical intent. A specific mandate of the program is the “unplugging from ALL technology” – as much as is possible.  Whatever needs for technology, including even simply checking email, or phone calls should be considered in advance, and discussed with the treatment team in advance. 

Location and Lodging Options

ISH is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. Participants have the option to stay in a local hotel or in a potentially safer, sober living house. Participants can also choose to stay with a friend or family member; however, it is necessary to be free from distraction and be able to remain focused on the program, including being able to do homework assignments in the evenings. There are many lodging options available, including three hotels that are less than a 1-minute walk from our treatment facility. You will be asked to check-in by phone every night with a treatment specialist.

Office of Dr. Omar Minwalla and ISH (Temporary):

1180 S. Beverly Drive, #608, Los Angeles, CA 90035  

There are several lodging options available, including four hotels that are very close to our facility. Cheaper options are available, including airbnb.com, etc.

The Avalon

9400 West Olympic Boulevard

Beverly Hills, CA 90212



The Tower Beverly Hills

1224 S. Beverwil Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90035



The Crowne Plaza at Beverly Hills                                 


1150 South Beverly Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90035



The Residence Inn

1177 South Beverly Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90035



SOBER-LIVING: Haven House for MEN   http://www.havenhouselosangeles.com/ Ask for Jeremy Stanton ref by Dr. M and ISH. (they provide transportation to office and back, etc.)



There is 4-hour metered parking on Beverly Drive in the front of the building.  There is 2-hour free parking on specified streets; however, you should be aware of signs and plan accordingly, as the Beverly Hills Parking Authority does ticket readily.  There is also parking available at the actual office building for $1.50/fifteen minutes or for $12/day.

Administrative Office

Our administrator at the front desk can help answer any questions you may have or can forward a message to either the director or a treatment specialist.  You can also direct any financial or administrative questions or concerns to the administrative office, which is typically open from 8am to 5pm during the weekdays.


At The Institute for Sexual Health, all communication and services provided are strictly confidential. When returning phone calls or e-mail we are discreet and respectful of your right to privacy and the need for discretion.

What about my partner or spouse?

The Institute offers the Partner and Spouse Support and Education Intensive. The program will include your spouse as indicated in terms of providing them with knowledge of your treatment process and how they may integrate into the treatment process as part of your aftercare plan.

Partners Impacted by Sex Addiction – 6-Days

For more information regarding the 8-Day Treatment for Sex Addiction, please contact us at 310-286-1300.