Sexual Dysfunctions and Health

A requisite of healthy sexuality is to develop and nourish a healthy relationship with one’s sexuality and Sexual SELF.  Despite the profound cultural-societal pressures to focus on sexual relationship with OTHERS, or relational sexuality, it is imperative from a sexual health perspective to become and remain conscious of one’s relationship to one’s own sexuality – first and foremost – and for our lifetime.

ISH offers psychological and sexuality-focused psychotherapy services for concerns related to male and female sexual health:

    • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
    • Vaginismius
    • Premature Ejaculation
    • Orgasmic challenges
    • Performance anxieties
    • Arousal concerns
    • Sexual shame, insecurity and sexual inadequacy
    • Genital image concerns
    • Dyspareunia (pain during sex)
    • Sexual abuse and sexual trauma
    • Sexual identity concerns
    • Sexual aversion disorder
    • Sexually Transmitted Infection

Sex Therapy and Relationship-Intimacy Program

The Institute provides instruction and helps couples learn how to communicate about sexuality, explore sexual attitudes and values, express their needs and concerns, and integrate intimacy and sexuality.

Sexual Abuse Recovery

ISH provides therapy and trauma resolution therapy for both male and female victims of sexual abuse. This includes those impacted by incest, molestation, sexual assault and other forms of sexual abuse. We also provide services and treatment for victims of child pornography, professional sexual misconduct, workplace sexual harassment and boundary violations and forms of victimization from sexual offenses.

HIV / AIDS and STI Counseling

ISH provides psychological and educational services related to sexually transmitted infections and diseases. This includes services for those impacted by HIV and AIDS as well as those in relationships and family members who are coping with adjustment and acceptance and related concerns.


For more information regarding the Sexual Dysfunctions and Health Program, please contact us at 310-286-1300.