Sex Addiction-Compulsivity (SAC)

Sex Addiction & Compulsive Sexual Behavior Program (SAC)

ISH provides comprehensive evaluation, assessment and treatment for sex addiction and compulsive sexual behavior (Compulsive-Abusive Sexual and Relational Problems).  Our program is a rigorous, goal-oriented program designed to anchor and stabilize initial treatment for sex addiction and compulsivity and help our clients orient towards integrity, intimacy and integration.

ISH provides treatment for the spectrum of problems related to:

  • Internet Pornography
  • Cyber-Sexual Behaviors and Relationships
  • Emotional and Sexual Infidelities
  • Compulsive masturbation and use of fantasy
  • Compulsive engagement of fetish or paraphilic sexuality
  • Strip clubs, massage parlors, prostitution
  • Problematic patterns of love, sex and relationships
  • Professional sexual misconduct
  • Sexual offending behaviors
  • Deceptive, compartmentalized, sexual and relational problems among men

Sex Addiction and Compulsivity Specific Treatment Goals:

  • Immediate help to stop problem behavior patterns
  • Create clear behavioral plan with accountability
  • Identify situational, emotional, and core triggers and vulnerabilities
  • Learn specific alternative coping mechanisms
  • Gain insight into underlying dynamics and trauma
  • Shame reduction and self-acceptance
  • Education on sex addiction-induced trauma
  • Education on the impact on the partner/spouse and family
  • Create a cohesive long-term treatment strategy and program

Why ISH for Sex Addiction Treatment?

The Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma Model (SAITM)

The Institute for Sexual Health is the founding institution of the sex addiction-induced trauma model.  ISH leads the way in challenging the traditional sex addiction model and the alarming lack of clinical understanding and treatment of the trauma experienced by partners of sex addicts. Recognizing sex addiction-induced trauma actually changes the way the addict, the partner and the couple is understood and treated, ushering in a new generation of sex addiction and compulsivity treatment approaches.  Learn More…

The Growing Necessity of Clinical Sexology in Sex Addiction Treatment

The advent of the Internet and the cultural exposure to new and wide-ranging forms of sexual content, arousal and social expression has resulted in a growing necessity for the treatment of sex addiction requiring specialization in human sexuality – not just sex addiction training. ISH is one of the few sex addiction and compulsivity programs in the field that integrates specialization in human sexuality and not just sex addiction certification.  A contemporary clinical understanding of sex addiction requires specialized knowledge in advanced topics in human sexuality including transgender dynamics, sexual identity development, arousal templates, BDSM and fetish sexuality, sexual offending, pedophilia, paraphilic sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, cyber-sexuality and cyber-relationships.

Sex Addiction Treatment Services:

Sex Addiction-Compulsivity Assessment, Evaluation, Consultation

For more information regarding the Sex Addiction-Compulsivity Program, please contact us at 310-286-1300.