Partners Impacted by Sex Addiction

The Sex Addiction-Induced Trauma Model changes the way a partner of a sex addict is clinically understood and treated and ushers in an important paradigm shift in sex addiction treatment and understanding compulsive-abusive sexual-relational disorders. ISH is the nation’s leading group of clinical experts in the treatment of sex addiction-induced trauma and the SAI-Trauma Model. 

ISH is a strong advocate for evolution in the field towards a treatment model that recognizes and treats the significant and profound trauma (PTSD/C-PTSD) experienced by partners of sex addicts that results from the direct consequences of sex addiction and compulsive sexual behavior and the associated patterns of relational perpetration, violation and abuse in the context of an intimate relationship and family system.  We do not endorse or use a “co-sex addiction or co-addiction” model to understand or treat a partner or spouse impacted by sex addiction and patterns of relational perpetration and abuse.  ISH utilizes a sex addiction-induced trauma model to treat partners of sex addicts and relationships impacted by sex addiction, where a partner’s experience and trauma is recognized and treated as is clinically indicated and ethically required.

Read full article for important information on sex addiction-induced trauma and the serious health crisis that currently exists in the sex addiction field, published by Dr. Omar Minwalla:

The National Psychologist; “Partners of Sex Addicts Need Treatment for Trauma”, O. Minwalla, Psy.D., July 23, 2012

The National Psychologist; “’Sexual Sobriety’ Leaves Victims Untreated”, O. Minwalla, Psy.D., March 31, 2015

INTERVIEW with Dr. Omar Minwalla on the SAI Trauma Model, click here:

6-Day Intensive Treatment for Partners of Sex Addicts:

ISH offers the Six-Day intensive for Partners of Sex Addicts based on the sex addiction-induced trauma model as developed and articulated by Dr. Minwalla.  Program temporarily on hold.

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