Diverse Sexuality & Gender

ISH provides informed, culturally sensitive, and specialized clinical services for the spectrum of diverse sexuality and gender concerns and promotes education, clinical training and workshops that are designed to expand knowledge and understanding about human sexuality in a contemporary context. We offer highly specialized programs designed to address the sexual, relationship, identity and mental health needs of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, questioning individuals and the spectrum of gender identities as well as other erotic minorities, sexual or gender subcultures, BDSM and leather, sex workers, and other queer and kink populations.

Our programs are relevant to these diverse sexuality and gender experiences and include individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, group support and workshops. We utilize a sexual health model that recognizes how shame, stigma, marginalization, oppression and persecution can impact the process and development of an integrated sexual identity. Our services focus on psycho-education, healthy identity development and adjustment, self-determination and self-esteem in fostering healthy sexuality, intimacy and societal integration.

ISH supports the parameters as set forth by the World Association of Sexology on Sexual Health as well as the ethical and guiding principles of the American Psychological Association. Our Institute does not endorse “reparative therapy”, “conversion therapy”, or other psychological interventions aimed at “changing sexual orientation”.

For more information about the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Program, please contact us at 310-286-1300.