ISH services or programs require registration with our administrative office at 310-286-1300. Please leave a message and administration will return your call.

Once you have contacted the front office, it may be determined that a brief initial phone consultation is indicated as part of the admissions process.  You will then be scheduled to speak briefly on the phone with a clinician from ISH or the appropriate ISH staff person.

Admission forms and packets as well as further information can be emailed to you as well, upon registration.

Initial Phone Consultation

ISH programs are psychological services or academic in nature, and thus often require a brief phone consultation in order to establish clarity in regards to your needs and goals and whether or not ISH would be indicated.  It is important to determine what will be best for each client and to understand the clinical or educational context and specific individual nuances before establishing services or treatment.  It is also useful for those interested in ISH to be able to ask questions and better understand our programs and services before investing in treatment or participation. Typically, Dr. Minwalla will consult with you to best determine our clinical needs.