Our Mission


ISH is a force of compassionate activism, dedicated to helping people
and society move towards sexual health by advancing human rights
over sexual entitlement and sexual oppression.

  • ISH is an academic and clinical team of human sexuality specialists and psychotherapists dedicated to a non-judgmental and non-stigmatizing approach to the treatment and clinical intervention of human sexuality and sexual health concerns, based on principles of Modern Clinical Sexology.
  • ISH aims to help motivated people work on issues related to human sexuality, relational functioning, identity formation, intimacy and psychological stabilization and relational healing.
  • ISH promotes sexual health as a conscious process towards integrity, intimacy and integration.
  • ISH respects sexual, relational and identity diversity and the process of self-determination in establishing a healthy sense of self and healthy relationships.
  • ISH utilizes empirically based methods and clinical expertise that conform to the standards of care established in the field of psychology and clinical sexology. We adhere to the guiding principles set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA).
  • ISH is guided and informed by the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Girls and Women (2007).
  • ISH aims to protect the human rights of, and provide quality and informed services for, marginalized, stigmatized and persecuted sexual and gender populations and erotic minorities.
  • ISH provides research, education for professionals, consultation, and outreach programs for those in need.
  • ISH is on a mission to change the field of sex addiction and compulsivity treatment and other traditional therapy approaches by articulating to professionals, clients and the public at large how the “co-sex addiction model” or “denial models” designed to treat spouses and partners and couples, is clinically inaccurate, a form of diagnostic mislabeling, and rooted in a paradigm of gender-based violence and gender based bias.
  • The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH) is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Institute for Sexual Health (ISH) maintains responsibility for this program and its content.